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We’ve Got the Answers You’re Looking For

At J Arnold Repairs & Service, we put our clients first. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with exceptional service, we’re here to answer all your questions. See what some of our users’ most frequently asked questions are and get the answers you’re looking for today! If you’ve still got a question for us, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily answer any inquiry.


How do I make a booking for my vehicle?

You can call us directly on 0161 877 8080 or email us at

Both forms of communication will be monitored and responded to very quickly, however the easiest way is always to give us a call and we will do everything we can to help, answer any questions and get your vehicle booked in as soon as possible.


What are the charges for work carried out?

Our hourly rate for labour varies depending on type of vehicle and ranges from £47.50 to £60.30 per hour.

Additional costs will of course be incurred for parts needed. We will provide all customers with a quote prior to work being carried out and charges incurred.

Oil for the Car

Do you offer MOT and Servicing?

Our main focus at J Arnold Repairs is to provide 'MOT preparation' for your vehicle however, if you need your vehicle putting through an MOT, we can do this for you also at an additional cost. We offer all types of service for all vehicles including annual service and oil change.

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